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Community Guidelines

Statement of Purpose

The Hunter’s Lair is an online community and social network celebrating the props, costume and artistry behind the alien species known as the “Yautja” or more commonly referred to as the Predator.

Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive resource in an artistically nurturing environment for members to share their passion for the Predator franchise with one another.

The Hunter’s Lair is your ultimate resource for the ultimate hunter!

The Hunter's Lair - a Brief History

The Hunter’s Lair (THL) was originally created in Nov of 2002 by Andrew Marzan (kithunter) as a niche forum dedicated to the discussion of the Predator costume. As with many niche forums created during that time period, Andrew was an active member of the RPF but realized that intense study of a single franchise was not easily accommodated by a general prop and costume forum like the RPF. Andrew created the first iteration of THL on the ezboard platform as a site to discuss and share ideas on the Predator’s costume construction.

While the Hunter’s Lair was created with a focus on the Predator costume as seen in Predator and Predator 2, within 5 years the site had grown to encompass the new Alien Vs Predator movies as well as custom designed Predators, Predator movie discussion, Predator fan art, Predator model kit building and general Predator related collectables…. essentially all things Predator!

In Dec of 2006, Andrew teamed up with Dan Richard (faken), to migrate the Hunter’s Lair from ezboard to the more robust IP.board platform. Dan added new forums to the site as well as new features to create a customizable and user friendly experience. This was also the point at which the site acquired its self-titled domain name; thehunterslair.com

In July of 2011, the site came full circle when Dan turned over control of the Hunter’s Lair to Movie Prop Sites, LLC, the same Web Operations Management company responsible for overseeing The RPF. The Hunter’s Lair is now a proud addition to the Movie Prop Sites family!

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines are shared among all the sites owned and operated by Movie Prop Sites, LLC and serve to support The Hunter's Lair’s Statement of Purpose.  For a completely list of our Community Guidelines, please visit the following link:


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